Lingo Blaster 2.0 Review

Are you looking for more Info about Lingo Blaster? Please read out my honest review about Lingo Blaster before choosing, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it.

Is it worth your time and money?

Before you proceed, let us tell you, the price of Lingo Blaster keeps increasing every few hours. You can go and add Lingo Blaster to the cart at the lowest price now.    

Lingo Blaster

Language always acts as a barrier, When we are talking about Video Marketing


Reaching the right audience at the same time, not just a fraction of the target audience.

You never realized that you're missing more than 75% of your target audience.

The language barrier is really a nightmare for most marketers as well as businesses.

Imagine to have a tool that will help you translate your video titles and descriptions from English into 100+ languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian… with the click of one button. 

All In One Solution Is Now Out To Help Us All

Lingo Blaster

Lingo Blaster is the revolutionary product that when linked to our youtube account, can increase our audience by 75%.

Lingo Blaster 2.0 will translate your titles and descriptions and your video will start ranking for foreign search terms.

And what is new in version 2.0 is that it will auto-generate translated subtitles and add them to your video!

Basically Lingo Blaster 2.0 is the ultimate video marketing software that with only 3 clicks will translate and rank your videos for most popular 100 foreign languages and triple your traffic and leads overnight!

You are tapping in to a HUGE untapped market, the market of people who DO NOT have English as their main language.

Lingo Blaster - Product Features

Lingo Blaster

More About Lingo Blaster Creators

Lingo Blaster

The talented guys behind this amazing invention are Ali G, Vlad M. and Stoica who are famous for the great expertise and creativity dedicated to the product creation career.

Their products are not only useful software but also unique services which were highly appreciated and turned into universal success.

Because of their renowned reputation in the market, there is no doubt that Lingo Blaster 2.0 will also become a huge success in the next few days.

Lingo Blaster Review | Why Should You Buy Lingo Blaster?

Lingo Blaster takes down everything that’s ever stopped you before. 

Lingo Blaster

As Time is Passing the Internet Is Going To Be The Biggest Industry.

Lingo Blaster is something that would help in growing your business online and help in reaching to the greatest heights.

Lingo Blaster Pricing: Upsells & OTOs

There are 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs…

For a limited time,

You can grab Lingo Blaster with early bird discount price in these options below.

Let’s pick the best-suited options for you before this special offer is gone!

Note: One Has To Buy FE Prior To Purchasing Any Of The OTOs.

Front-end: Lingo Blaster 2.0 ($27) 

3 clicks and we rank any video in the most popular 100 languages, and get targeted traffic from buyer keywords. This revolutionary software help you tap into 75% of the market that is ignored by everybody else and get targeted traffic and leads in 60 seconds!

Lingo Blaster 2 is a cloud based solution. Everything is hosted on our servers, nothing to download or install. You can use Lingo Blaster from your destktop PC, Apple or even from your smart phone.

OTO 1: Lingo PRO ($37) 

Check out some of the PRO version benefits:

  • Multiple YouTube accounts support so you can scale everything and get even more traffic
  • Extended license support, share your Lingo account with your VA, spouse or anybody you chose!
  • No translation delays, remove the 20 second delay between translating to a new language
  • Our Exclusive Bonus that will let you download copyright free videos so you never have to pay for stock-footage every again!

OTO 2: Agency License ($47)

How would you like to be the Middleman and cash in huge checks by using Lingo Blaster on your clients YouTube videos? Just think about selling your Lingo Blaster services to all the businesses out there who are in NEED of this! I’m telling you, this will be the easiest sale that you’ll ever make! And you will be able to charge up to $2000 for each client!

Let’s Recap What You Get Today When Upgrading To Lingo Blaster Agency

  •  AGENCY RIGHTS – The option to ADD your clients accounts in Lingo Blaster and charge them for your services!
  • Complete step-by-step training to help you find hungry for your services clients!
  • The exact platforms where to sell you services! And the exact email that we use in order to SIGN clients!!
  • Ultra Limited Bonus: 10 DFY videos for ECom niche AND 10 DFY videos for Local Businesses that you can sell to clients!

OTO 3: Video Marketing Blaster ($47)

The only software that is able to reverse-engineer yt & google ranking system and rank hundreds of videos with the click of 3 buttons!

  • Finds untapped, buyer keywords that can easy be exploited
  • Generate Perfectly SEO optimized Titles, Descriptions & Tags
  • Spy on your competition and view ranking reports so you are always 1 step ahead
  • Works perfectly with Lingo Blaster!
  • View your best performing videos by 24/7 rank tracking your published videos
  • OTO 4:  Video Spin Blaster ($67 )

    But VSB is so much more than Text-To-Speech! Video Spin Blaster Plus is a 4 in 1 Software!

    • Video Creator: You can create and render videos with a few clicks and without waiting an eternity to render. Our unique system will render 10 minutes long HD videos in less than one minute!
    • Text To Speech: With our new and improved text to speech engine, you can add custom text and audio on each of your slides
    • Mass Watermark: You can watermark a folder of videos, using random watermarks and random placements with just two clicks!
    • Video Spinner: By spinning a video Video Spin Blaster PRO 2.0 can generate thousands of unique copies of the same video file, so YouTube does not detect the files as duplicate.

    Lingo Blaster Bonuses

    ​Final Thoughts

    Along with solving all the major issues which was restricting you to grow your business, you'll be getting  2 HUGE BONUSES Worth Over $500!!!

    Lingo Blaster
    Lingo Blaster

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    James Baker, Entrepreneur


    James Baker, Entrepreneur

    They never fail to amaze me with their detailed review.

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    Andrew Hilman, Digital Marketer


    Andrew Hilman, Digital Marketer


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